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Crystal Aromatherapy Diffuser

Crystal Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Product information:
Color classification: blue wind chime (recommended! Aquatic flower flavor) peach (peach flavor) Parma water (recommended! Gentle wood flavor) Tieguanyin (Zen tea flavor) sage and sea salt (neutral and not sweet) wishing spirit (fruit flavor) English pear and freesia (fresh and sweet) roof garden (garden flavor) flower wearing teenager (young white flower flavor) black cedar and juniper (mellow wood flavor) cold cream cedar (super cedar flat) Bergamot (orange bubble water) Lavender (soothing and sleeping)

Ingredients: essential oil
Efficacy: Relieve spirit and purify air
Container: three color dimming lamp warm light/neutral light/white light natural light
Essential oil: 10ML
Usage: Wash the crystal and dry it in the air. Put it into a cup (orange salt is mineral salt, do not wash it with water). Drop 5-10 drops of essential oil on the crystal. You can increase or decrease the amount of essential oil according to your preference. The fragrance expansion range is 1-2 meters, which can not make a room full of fragrance, and the effect of turning on the light is better

Packing list:
Essential oil+data cable+lamp * 1


Electrical outlet
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